Southampton Bathroom Design

Your bathroom may not necessarily be the smallest room in the house. We like to view your bathroom as a large space in which there are many different compartments. The way you make the most use of that space is where the creativity comes into play.

We have known clients to ask us to knock down walls into a spare bedroom to offer the most luxury bathroom that provided both space, relaxation, solitude and a place to escape after a hard days work. Yours is a place in which ideas can run free and we are here to assist.

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    Bathroom Design in Southampton

    Have you ever walked into a small bathroom and thought that they could have managed better? Long, wide, square with a chunk taken out for the boiler cabinet, these are all fantastically shaped bathrooms that can be morphed into a space which is refined and very usable.

    Does the rear of the toilet need to be flush with the wall? How’s about a shelf above the top? Does the high toilet cistern need to be visible or could it put inside a wall? If room is limited, why not opt for a wet room, where the shower becomes the entire bathroom? Will mirrors work to make the space look bigger and brighter?bathroom-design

    Southampton Design For Any Size Bathroom

    We have just as many ideas for small as we do big bathrooms. In fact design for both takes about the same amount of time. With larger spaces you could have a central free standing bath, underfloor heating, twin basins, large walled mirrors and even encase your bath centrally with units and stone.

    During our visit we will take on board all your ideas for materials, shelving, wet room or carpet or combination of flooring. Taking your ideas and forming a sketch drawing as well as a 3D computer aided design which you can work on with us, making any changes via the internet, once we have returned to the office.

    To get your free consultation booked in, with no obligation to commit, simply fill out our brief but important enquiry form and we will get back to at your earliest convenience. We would love to hear your ideas and turn them into a reality that is both design led as well as functional.