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Tell any carpenter that you went to Ikea and they will bang their head against the wall. That’s not to say pre-manufactured units are not any good. They all go through the design process much like any other product. However for a truly custom bathroom, you can’t beat getting units and structures made by the hands of someone tailoring a project to your wishes.

It’s not only the carpentry aspect either. We have partners in the trade who can devise acrylic baths to your design so that your bathing requirements are met and they are truly unique to you. In fact, everything in your bathroom can be custom built to your wishes.

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    Of course it is much easier to just buy manufactured wares and place them in your home. Installation of shower units, baths and cabinets is the mainstay of our business. However we simply love to visit people who wish to make custom bathroom accessories and units for their bathroom.

    In a similar way that we create a 3D computer aided design of your prospective bathroom. We can design furniture also. Carpentry is a magnificent avenue to attaining the perfect bathroom suite. Need a chaise longue? Wall units from certain woods? Timber arches? New door frames? Get in touch and find out how a carpenter’s talent can change the outlook and design of a new bathroom.