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Whether coping with a disability or merely getting older and finding getting around a bit more difficult. There are reasons to plan your bathroom’s design ahead of any refurbishments when it comes to disabled access bathrooms.

The problems some people face when it comes to bath time have been recognised by the industry for some time. There are now plenty of options and different styles to choose from making the design process much easier too. Disabilities come in a variety of forms, near sighted, blind, unable to walk, restrictive leg movement, as well as getting out of the bath from a seated position.

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    Disabled adaptations / Disabled Washrooms

    We work with specialist bathroom manufacturers who have devised a range of wet-rooms, walk in baths and easy access showers. There are even mechanical bath lifts and power baths which will aid in lifting you out of a normal bath if there are others in the home that still wish to retain their normal comforts. Though the latter need specialist fitting arrangements.

    The design process will also take into consideration other disabled adaptations such as railing positions next to toilets, baths and basin. Non slip flooring, wheelchair clamps and rules for the floor. Through out free, no-obligation consultation we can devise ways to keep you safe in your own bathroom, as well as ensure every aspect can be used with minimum effort.

    It’s not just washing that may cause problems if the right handles, supports, chairs or electrical devices are not there to assist. Going to the toilet can also be problematic. Disabled toilets are specially manufactured with you in mind. With back pads, railings and essentially, a toilet seat and bowl which is at the correct height for easy manoeuvrability.

    For a completely free, no obligation consultation, and to discuss your needs, as well as your family’s use of the bathroom, get in touch through our quick enquiry form. If you decide to proceed with us, we won’t just provide a disabled access bathroom or a bathroom adapted for disability, but one that is design led, innovative as well as functional for all.