ensuite-bathroomEn-Suite Bathrooms


Favoured primarily in a family home, an En-suite bathroom allows the adults the privacy they deserve while their children enjoy the luxury of queuing for the ‘other’ bathroom in the mornings. A private bathroom which is usually attached to the bedroom either via a sliding glass door or a separate enclosed doorway.

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    The décor can be made to match that of the bedroom itself or a completely different design altogether. Our in-house En-Suite bathroom designers excel at pushing the boundaries of a private bathroom design to the limits. Both in concept and functionality.

    Whether the space to be furnished is small or large, any number of mod-cons can be styled to suit. Walk in showers with glass screens instead of shower curtains, after all, you don’t exactly need that much privacy in the private bathroom. In fact quite the opposite.

    A popular feature of En Suite bathroom designs today is the option of twin basins, or a bathroom simply split in two for both couples to go about their business while in the room at the same time. Instead of one person hogging the shower head, two could be situated inside a wet room instead.

    For those relaxing moments where you wish to share special moments, large spa baths could be incorporated, with television and mood lighting to suit. Get in touch today for details on how to transform your bedroom to cater for a completely separate functioning bathroom or one which can be placed inside your actual bedroom with very little division.