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Historically if you have problems with your heating system it is usually the boiler that has malfunctioned. That could entail a full boiler replacement to more minor afflictions such as simply requiring an annual service, cleaning of deposits and or a few replacement parts.

However these days, heating has got a bit more complicated. Through a combination of solar powered boilers, air heat pumps and hard to get to underfloor heating. The source of an electrical outage or surge or malfunctioning part can be anywhere between the power source to the actual heated unit. Let’s see how we might be able to assist you.

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    Heating Repair in Southampton

    While modern boilers are more energy efficient, they still require an annual service to keep things in check. This is generally scheduled shortly before Winter sets in, to ensure the water heating system doesn’t break down when it is most needed.

    The problems that we tend to come across and which we are fully qualified to repair are as follows; air in the pipes – whistling noises, valves and leaking and dripping, thermostat issues, kettling – rumbling noises indicating lime scale deposit build up and if the boiler is switching itself off, low water pressure.

    The majority of causes can be assessed and dealt with immediately. Should parts be required, you may be supplied with alternative heating methods until we can get the required replacement on next day delivery. Everything from radiators not heating properly, electrical problems in solar powered units or air heat pumps can usually be rectified upon first visit.

    Southampton Underfloor Heating Installation

    You may wonder how an engineer can discover quickly why your your underfloor heating is either not delivering the correct amount of warmth or has stopped working altogether. Our engineers carry specialist equipment that enables us to see through floors. We use thermal imaging equipment to accurately ascertain the flow rate and where the problem may lay.

    It is rare however that the actual underfloor heating requires repair. The power supply is usually accessible at point of entry, ensuring the floor does not need taking up. Our specialist engineers for Southampton underfloor heating repairs will disqualify all other possible reasons for the fault before even laying the blame on the actual underfloor installation.

    No matter what heating system you have in place, we can have a qualified engineer at your property within the hour. Offering a 24 hour call out, our fully equipped electricians and plumbers are at hand to resolve your Southampton underfloor heating problems and ascertain your boiler problems.