Modern Bathrooms Southampton

We’re often asked the very puzzling question of “What’s the difference between a contemporary bathroom and modern bathrooms?” The simplest answer is they can both mean the same thing. However we believe you can carry through traits from the more traditional bathroom and feature them prominently in any modern bathroom design.

Today’s modern bathroom design in Southampton is all about the time you spend within the space. Either by yourself or with others. Indeed, making the most of the space is equally important.

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    It’s very much a cross between your favourite aspects of the classical era through to a more modern approach to bathroom design. That of lighting, larger spaced bathrooms that promote serenity and relaxation. Rather than a rushed exercise in washing or going to the toilet and getting back to what you were originally doing.

    A place which is accommodating and actually thought of as a room in which you can rest and relax rather than vacate as quick as possible. This is typically the format of the modern bathroom design. A fresh approach to a space thought much less of in the past but still money budgeted to make it look nice. If it’s going to look nice, why not stay there longer and make use of it?

    From wet rooms to water proof chaise longues to relax while your other half in the show and you read a book. A large central free standing bath and perhaps an entire open section for the children to shower. It’s thinking out of the box time. By all means carry through those antique bath feet but ensure those power shower extras are installed too for full spa effect.

    If you dream of mixing the traditional with the contemporary to bring about a modern bathroom design. Get in touch today for a free no obligation consultation. By the time we next talk online or in person with detailed 3D CAD drawings, we’re sure we’ll have a build and installation plan for your brand new modern bathroom.