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Please ensure you turn off the water supply to your home or affected rooms and call us immediately. Flush Bathrooms have specialist Southampton Plumbers (as well as Winchester and surrounding areas) on call 24 hours a day. As invariably leaks don’t just occur between nine to five and home owners tend to notice water upon returning home from work. We are on stand by to rescue you from water and heating loss issues.

Due to the British climate water pipes come under extreme pressure all year round. Frozen pipes can burst, continual weather changes cause metal fatigue, flanges crack, sleeves loosen and valves can malfunction. For those who don’t know their wax ring from their ballcock, household plumbing in Southampton has never been so secure.

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    While a great many call outs are to emergency plumbing repairs for burst pipes and leaks. We also undertake a variety of other plumbing services in Southampton. Offering servicing and replacements of radiators, internal pipe systems, pumps, tanks and related kitchen appliances such as dishwasher fitting or connecting boilers and washing machines.

    Your home or business premises pipe network is so involved with your flooring, roofing and interior walling that you need a fully qualified plumber to ensure the problem is ascertained quickly and direct action taken. An efficient response not only saves your belongings and furniture but may prevent the need for whole floors being ripped up and ceilings being re-plastered completely.

    Plumbing concerns both heating systems and water supply. From bathroom and kitchen taps, outdoor tap installation, as well as those tricky boilers that seem to blow up or die at the worst possible time. If you are a clever climate change guru, you may well have complicated air heat pumps, solar powered boilers and underfloor heating installed. If you have issues with any of these new to market innovations we can assist also.

    Your insurer may well require you to source and offer proof of several plumber’s quotes before being able to begin a claim on the work that’s needed. If you advise us of the company, we will do our utmost to beat their quote. Talking directly to your insurer to make good the work and rectify any problems with plumbing in Southampton and the surrounding areas.