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Do it yourself plastering… you don’t hear that term very often. It is a very complicated and messy job that is best completed by someone who really understands moisture and the effects after. A good plasterer will know which make up of plaster, bonding and treatments will best suit your bathroom needs.

While it is a messy job and perhaps plasterboard for the ceiling is a better choice. A great plaster finish offers smooth walls from which to work with and apply. Plastering can also offer the ability to extenuate architectural form within a bathroom, such as beams, coving, well planned details and junctions.

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    The age of your building matters. Over time plaster tends to crumble and needs completely removing and re-applying. Some buildings have no plaster applied to the brick work at all. Occasionally some jobs get botched and are uneven and a quick re-plastering will ensure any tiling after is much better suited to the new surface.

    We are specialists at bathroom design and the intricacies of each aspect to ensure the constant heat and steam that occur in your bathroom do not lead to future problems. Please get in touch to discuss your design needs or any minor and major work you need carried out. The more complicated the better!