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You may believe that Wet-room designs are a relatively new invention but traditional building methods and tiling has enabled for sloped floors, floor level wastes, tiling and grouting to ensure waster doesn’t take hold or seep out. Though to say there hasn’t been advances in technology would be entirely wrong.

It is now possible to completely waterproof a bathroom from the floor upwards, including the ceiling. Preventing any water from escaping, ensuring any splashed water doesn’t cause mould and that steam is taken care of too. Essentially every floor and wall, and the ceiling too if you’re covering all the surfaces, is covered in a waterproof membrane which may or may not then be tiled over.

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    Primarily a plumber or wet-room specialist will need to ensure a gradient is levelled to make water drain away easily. It is also recommended that you install underfloor heating, not only to provide warmth underfoot but to help water evaporate from the tiles quicker.

    The floor will then be coated with a membrane. Some people choose this or an effective mat system which in reality is just one big rubbery like shower tray. The important distinction to make is you could effectively have the shower head anywhere and design wise make it a centrepiece of the room. While some people choose to lose the bath altogether and end up with a glorious shower room, others wish to keep the relaxing tub within.

    Also why have one shower head when you can have three? And have you considered a pressure shower that shoots water at you from different angles? These are often termed massage showers. The units like cabinet, toilet, bath, mirrors and lighting would need to be fully waterproof.